Communication Book

A communication book is an informal record between parents of issues which they wish to raise with the other parent to ensure that they are both co-parenting effectively. It is most commonly used where there is a high level of conflict between the parents.

The communication book is usually an exercise book or some similar notebook. When the child finishes spending time with one parent, the parent who has been caring for them writes in the communication book any necessary information. This can include details of any medication which may be required due to an illness the children may be suffering. It may also include general health issues. Young children may suffer from time to time from coughs, colds and other minor illnesses which may not require medication. However, in order to ensure consistent care this information should be provided to the other parent.

In addition, upcoming social events such as birthday parties and extracurricular activities can also be included in the communication book to assist parents plan the children’s time when in their care.

The communication book can also be used as a way of providing details and feedback to the other parent about fun activities the children have been enjoying. Details such as any school awards, or updates on developmental issues and day to day issues such as changing likes in food, fashion and toys can all be written down in the communication book.

When used properly and in the manner intended, a communication book can be a very effective tool for parents to communicate with one another especially if other communication channels, such as telephone calls and text messages, have not been successful in the past. It should not be used as a forum for airing grievances against the other parent.


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