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Trudie Cameron


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Trudie Cameron

Trudie Cameron
Senior Associate - Acc. Spec. (Criminal)

1300 168 676
Accredited Specialist

Trudie is an Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law and practices exclusively in criminal and traffic law.

Trudie defends clients charged with both state and commonwealth offences and appears on their behalf in Local and District Courts. Trudie has also instructed Counsel in the Supreme Court of New South Wales, New South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal and the High Court.

She combines her impressive skills in advocacy and legal analysis with a focus on her client's interests and wellbeing. Her experience working for senior criminal law barristers prior to starting at Armstrong Legal gives her a unique insight into criminal advocacy and practice.

Trudie is thorough and dedicated, working with her clients to develop a strategy to achieve the best results possible. She recognises that a client’s matter extends beyond the law itself. Criminal charges often have consequences for her clients work, travel, physical and mental health, and relationships with families and friends. She is skilled at guiding clients through what is often the most difficult time of their life.

Trudie is passionate about the law and ensuring justice is done. Her adversarial skill set combined with her knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for the criminal law ensures all her clients receive representation of the highest quality.

Thank you for all your help! Really worth the payment and I definitely will recommend to others.

Words can’t describe how grateful I am to Trudie Cameron being my solicitor and to Andrew Tiedt presenting my case in the court. They both have been very supportive and amazingly professional and effective. I’ve got an absolutely fantastic outcome I couldn’t even dream about.

Trudie was very helpful and handled the matter well. She assisted us throughout the process and that was much appreciated especially with the court process. The final outcome was satisfactory and I was very happy with the result.

Trudie Cameron made us feel comfortable from the moment we met her. In our first meeting she explained the situation and asked detailed questions. All meetings and correspondence were dealt with in a timely and professional but caring manner. On the court day Trudie went through the procedure and prepared us for the court session. I would recommend her to anyone needing legal help.

Being charged with a crime while living in another state to where that crime was committed, required me to find an interstate criminal lawyer to represent me. I googled NSW criminal law firms...& Armstrong Legal was the first firm to appear. So I rang its number...& I am still deeply glad that I did. My lawyer - Trudie Cameron - was on top of all that was happening. She was prompt in responding to my calls and emails, and her defence strategy was greatly to my advantage. I also appreciated her attempt to understand the personal devastation that being charged caused me. I thought she was impressive in court - very well prepared & strong in her presentation. My favourable sentence resulted from her hard work...& the judge’s good sense! I thought the outcome more than justified the reasonable cost. I thank Trudie & I thoroughly recommend Armstrong Legal.

Trudie was as good as I could have asked for and a credit to your company I will recommend both Armstrong Legal and Trudie personally to anyone who requires legal advice.

Your professionalism and understanding of everything far exceeded my expectations. Armstrong Legal has a true asset in you. You've also destroyed any negative impression I've had in the past with solicitors, as you had my interests as your focus, rather than a pay day.

Trudie completely empathised with my situation and carried herself in an understanding but fair manner. She demonstated the highest level of professionalism and was extremely thorough in exploring various avenues that would present the truth to the judge. Ultimately, due to her amicable nature and great negotiating skills, she was able to make a deal with the prosecutor before the hearing, which provided me with excellent results. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing a criminal lawyer.

Cannot thank Trudie enough for helping me. I am very grateful for everything she did to help me out!

Thank you so much for all your help, your good counsel, your time and your support over the past six weeks. I cannot imagine what I would have done without you. My first - and I sincerely hope last - brush with the law has been quite terrifying. I feel fortunate to have had you represent me. From our first meeting I knew my case was in capable hands. I can't thank you enough, Trudie.

Trudie was down to earth and made me feel at ease. Very professional just a great person to have on my side, worth every cent I paid and I would have no hesitation in forwarding her to any of my friends and clients. Out of a ten rating I would have to say 15.

Would happily recommend Trudie to anyone else that had the same problem as I did, very happy person and very easy to talk to and deal with.

Prior to coming to Armstrong Legal for advice, I visited a few other companies and spoke to their solicitors, but they just did not feel right. Trudie made me feel safe from the very start, she did not judge me and she treated me with so much respect. In court she explained to me what was going to happen in detail and as she was confident and calm it also made me more relaxed. I could not have asked for a better solicitor, nor for a better outcome of my case. Words cannot convey how grateful I am and I cannot thank you enough!!!

Thank you so much. I appreciate everything and will Definatly be referring Trudie to others.

You gave me sound advice throughout and I have been more than impressed with your services from start to end.You argued my case in a very strong and professional manner especially in your closing statement and you left no stone unturned.You showed great diligence in my matter from the begining and very promptly responded to all my questions and queries which eased my anxiety surrounding same. You demonstrated a very thorough understanding of my case and the events which took place. You were able to relay this in the court room and to the magistrate. I am sincerely grateful for all your time and hardwork put in to my case. I am forever indebted to you.

There is not one thing I could even suggest, my experience with Trudie was fantastic.

I was extremely fortunate to have you as the solicitor for my matter. You were exceptional in your guidance, advice and support, helping me through out the difficult times. You are extremely knowledgeable and gave me very sound advice, answering every question I had, with patience and compassion. You were meticulous with details and very thorough in your approach to my matter.

I just want to thank you and in particular Trudie for the outstanding respect and professionalism as well as non judgment that was shown in this matter.

I found Trudie to be an extremely capable solicitor and very personable and empathetic.

Throughout the whole process from the day I came in to the office to meet Trudie, to the final day in court, she was absolutely amazing. I was terrified about the whole thing, but Trudie reassured me that everything would be ok. Her dedication towards my case was something I will never forget. Thank you Trudie for your amazing work and getting me the best possible outcome through the court system. You are amazing!

I deeply appreciate what you have done to assist me over the past 9 months. You are a very professional advocate. You demonstrate a thoughtful balance between supporting your client and providing clear and straight forward advice.

I cannot thank you enough for your support during this awful process. Your professional and caring support has enabled me to get through this and face up to my actions.

Allow me to extend my sincerest thanks for your efforts and performance at yesterday's proceedings.

Your actions reflected the highest elements of professionalism and competency, factors sadly lacking in the representation offered by others in the preceding cases.

You articulated my son's predicament with a sense honesty and accuracy, which I'm certain impacted his Honour's appraisal of his true remorse and character, and secured him a second chance for which I'm eternally grateful.

If we have the pleasure of meeting in the future, I'm sure it will not be in your capacity as a member of the legal fraternity.

The service Trudie provided was of a very high standard. She was very thorough and her communication was outstanding. She was compassionate yet professional at all times. Couldn't ask for better representation at one of the most stressful times of my life. Couldn't of done it without Trudie so thank you so much!

Trudie was extremely professional in dealing with my matter. I found her to be 100% focused and determined to get what we wanted.

Facing my first ever conviction was a highly stressful experience until I sat down with Armstrong Legal. Ms Cameron was very professional and approachable. Everything was spelt out in plain English and I was reassured every step of the way. Ms Cameron was extremely diligent and left no stone unturned throughout my experience to get the best result when it mattered. I can't thank the team at Armstrong Legal enough and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

I couldn't be happier with the service Trudie provided me with throughout the process of my legal matter. Despite the naturally stressful and unwanted situation, I felt much at ease having Trudie representing me and knowing she was fully on top of the situation. I felt comfortable trusting Trudie's professional judgment and her guidance to help me make the best decisions. I'm incredibly grateful for all her help and support throughout this time, and I'm very pleased with the legal outcome of my matter.

Everyone I dealt with at Armstrong Legal were extremely professional and informative. My solicitor Trudie Cameron exceeded my expectations. Trudie was able to make my entire ordeal stress free and seamless. I was delighted with her performance and will definatly recommend her in the future.

Trudie did a wonderful job on my case, couldn't have asked for a better results. She was very well prepared, and organised to support and fight my case. She had a great approach, very confident and easy going. I would 100% come back and ask Trudie if needed for another case. Would like to thank her very much for the results she has achieved for me.

Facing my first ever conviction was a highly stressful experience until I sat down with Armstrong Legal. Ms Cameron was very professional and approachable. Everything was spelt out in plain English and I was reassured every step of the way. Ms Cameron was extremely diligent and left no stone unturned throughout my experience to get the best result when it mattered. I can't thank the team at Armstrong Legal enough and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

I am more than happy with the result you got me. You saved me a ton of cash and got me the lowest sentence I possibly could have gotten and I no longer have to see corrections which is a bonus. Hopefully I won't need your services again but if I do you will definitely be the first person I contact. Thanks again for everything and take care.

Thanks again and will refer you to friends/family should they ever need legal assistance.

Trudie was outstanding in all forms of communication skills, from the first meeting to the court room. She read the situation effectively at all times and was able to provide professional support that exceeded my expectations. I would not hesitate in recommending her legal services to friends and family.

Thanks again for last Thursday's outcome in court. While I have not really had the chance to stop and smell the roses yet, I still am blown away with the outstanding job you did in defending my case. I could not have asked for better representation and hope I never have to use you again for something so unfortunate. However, it is very comforting to know that you are there if needed.

I want to express to Trudie and to you my deepest gratitude for defending my case and handling with the twists and turns of a situation that I, otherwise, would not have known how to face. John, your wit and knowledge were crucial for the more than positive outcome at Court. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and assessment on Monday. Life has suddenly become lighter since then.

Trudie was excellent. Very professional. Appreciated the support especially being my first legal incident.

Finally we successfully reached the last stage of our case, not after the few surprises which arose on the very Monday. As you can imagine, I have been able to sleep like an angel since Monday and life has suddenly became lighter. Yesterday I stayed the whole day at home allowing myself to indulge in silent activities like gardening or reading. No more sighing or worrying.

I feel very lucky having had John and you preparing and defending my case. I honestly do not know how I could have coped without your support and assessment. I wish you all kind of success in the different spheres of your life and send you my warmest regards.

I was very pleased and impressed with how Trudie Cameron represented me. She was well prepared, articulate and in the end got the best possible result. I have no hesitations in recommending her to anyone needing representation.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for your services. I could not have asked for a more qualified legal representative to handle my case. I would like to compliment you in the way in which you dealt with this matter right from the very start. You gave me confidence without giving me a false sense of security in what was an extremely stressful situation for me the outcome of which would have changed my life. The calm, professional manner in which you handled yourself in court was nothing short of impressive. I would not hesitate in recommending your services to anyone requiring legal assistance.

Trudie was excellent in handling my matter, as someone who struggles with anxiety she was instrumental in getting me geared up for my court appearance. Her applications of her understanding of the law was excellent and she helped me out my best foot forward in court. I will not only recommend Armstrong Legal but Trudie Cameron in specific to anyone who seeks legal advice of a similar nature.

Trudie Cameron was great, she was very informative during the whole process, and she had a great presence in the court room and made us feel as comfortable as possible. She got us a great result.

Thank you so very much for your representing me today and your very professional guidance through this ordeal. I send you my heartfelt gratitude. I was so very impressed with how succinctly and clearly you spoke. You shone in a particularly male environment. Congratulations on another great outcome.

Trudie Cameron was fantastic. I could tell that she is incredibly busy, she had two other matters to deal with at Burwood Court on the day of my case and I think she deserves commendation for juggling such an incredible workload. Due to some form of clerical error the RMS prosecutor had not paper work regarding my case and Trudie dealt with this professionally. It set back the time my case was heard by a couple of hours which would have made her schedule difficult. She dealt with the circumstances very professionally. I would also like to note that the Magistrate himself commended her after he handed down his ruling. He made a point of praising her professionalism and the manner in which she had prepared and presented. I imagine this is very rare for a magistrate to do and I think it is very important that she is recognised for such high praise. Thank you, Trudie.

Trudie is absolutely amazing. Words can't describe her professionalism and treatment of her clients.

In what was a tough experience in my life Trudie was an amazing help. I'm thankful for the way in which Trudie went about explaining every detail of the process. I was keep well informed and she was outstanding on the day in court. Would highly recommended the services of Armstrong legal to anyone in need of legal help.

Would highly recommended the services of Armstrong legal to anyone in need to legal help.

I am very pleased with the effort and the professionalism that Trudie applied to my case. I am confident that without her, the matter would have resulted in a negative outcome for me.

My solicitor, Ms Trudie Cameron, was excellent. She was professional, courteous, attentive, compassionate, thorough, responsive and always very kind. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone!

I was very impressed with Trudie Cameron's competence and courtesy and I am grateful to her for her empathy and advice which brought about the best result possible for me.

Great service. Really happy with the professional conduct of all members of staff. Was given good advice in a short period of time. Happy with verdict.

Thank you doesn’t really seem to cover it to be honest. I can’t thank trudie enough for what she did for me, she was fantastic. It has been a tough few months on top of a tough few years for me and my family. This case hasn't been the easiest time but the result has put things into perspective for me and I can now walk with my head held high. Had it not been for Trudie's kindness love and support along with her professional advice, sharp mind and sheer tenacity I am aware that my life would be very different now. I am so very grateful to Trudie and the staff at Armstrong Legal and I wish Trudie every success in the future.

Trudie was very professional throughout the entire process and I was very thankful that I could easily contact her at any stage.

You were fantastic! You were really supportive and you presented my case in the exact way I wanted it presented. You were great. Thank you so much.

I would just like to express my thanks to Trudie for guiding me through a very stressful time for me. I found Trudie extremely professional in all matters, but more importantly, I felt that Trudie had a geniune interest in helping me. I can't thank her enough for that the outcome of my case which was more than I could have hoped for. Thank you Trudie.

Many thanks - your professionalism and advice certainly helped to achieve a result that exceeded my expectations.

Trudie was very helpful and to the point. She provided sound advice including the likely outcome of the appeal. She was also flexible and attentive to my needs and provided very good service. I would be happy to recommend her to other people in a similar situation.

Trudie went above and beyond to ensure I got a great result at court and exceeded my expectations. I'm extremely happy with the out come and would recommend her to anyone. Thank you again.

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