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Janelle Whale


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Janelle Whale

Janelle Whale

1300 168 676

Janelle has spent her entire legal career working exclusively in criminal and traffic law, developing a well-honed instinct for these areas from her unique and broad experience to date.

She commenced her legal career working one-on-one with Senior Counsel on a variety of complex criminal trial matters and brings from that experience an attention to detail and advocacy style that mirrors the best in the profession.

Janelle is known for her approachable nature and mature sensitivity to the personal needs of each of her clients, qualities that she acquired through representing the disadvantaged in regional NSW before joining the Armstrong Legal team.

Janelle understands that her clients come to her at a stressful and difficult time in their lives and so prioritises keeping her clients well informed at every stage of their proceedings and applying her passion, skill and tenacity to advocate for the best outcomes in each of her matters.

Janelle was fantastic. Very professional and reassuring throughout the process. She presented wonderfully in court and was able to get the best outcome. Would recommend Janelle without any hesitation.

I would like to say thank you for representing me in court. As soon as I met you I could tell I was in very capable hands and I immediately felt safe and supported. Your level of knowledge, professionalism and demeanour in court is outstanding and it was very humbling listening to your delivery to the Judge. I noticed a number of well-respected barristers were there on the day and unfortunately some lost their appeals so to hear you speak with such genuine passion and respect doesn’t surprise me that you won my appeal. You did not judge me at a time when I was judging myself which made a huge impact on my self-worth which I will never forget.

Also I am extremely overwhelmed and grateful by your generosity regarding payment for your services. I am not used to such acts of kindness and empathy so again thank you.

And last but certainly not least is your wonderful team who I believe are the best of the best being Janelle and Craig. From the start Janelle was genuine, honest and showed enormous empathy. She is a wonderful young lady and is a credit to your mentoring and I believe she will continue to help others as she did me. Janelle is efficient and tenacious which are the identical traits that you have John so it’s certainly rubbing off in a positive way.

Craig was exceptional as well and the outcome was not what I expected. It was a pleasure to listen to his delivery to the Magistrate but a bonus was his great sense of humour, I even noticed the Magistrate giggle a couple of times which puts people at ease.

Again I want to say thank you John for everything especially your kindness and understanding. Your team are a credit to your mentoring and hard work which has produced the best of the best. You are an outstanding role model to the Legal Profession and I wish you all the very best. If I come across anyone needing legal help you will be on top of my list.

Janelle was exceptional in every aspect of her association with us explaining everything so that we could understand, assuring us with a confident attitude she displayed at all times. We thank her and wish her well for her future with the company.

I personally want to thank Janelle Whale for not only handling my case professionally, but for being a pleasure to work with. It was really nice to have someone representing me that genuinely cared about what I was going through and was willing to listen to what I had to say. I would recommend Janelle to anyone else going through something like I was.

If all of your solicitors are as pleasant, efficient and as well informed as Janelle, you have a winning formula there. I would not hesitate to recommending Janelle to anyone at anytime moving forward. She was an absolute pleasure to deal with and had my issue gone to court I would have had 100% confidence in her representing me in the best possible light. Thank You Janelle. Not sure if Armstrong Legal have Solicitor of the month or year, but if you do it should be Janelle and if you do not, I hope this feedback encourages you to give her a promotion and/or a pay rise. She is a keeper, a delight and an absolute pleasure to deal with.

I wish to express my deepest gratitude for all your hard work on my case. Your professionalism and sound advice made all the difference in receiving a favourable outcome.

Everything was honestly seamless. From my initial consultation with Janelle, the immediate forwarding of trust payment receipts, the listing of the matter to the hearing day and fantastic result. The fees were fair. The service was superior. The result is life changing. Turn around time was 2 weeks. Amazing effort.

Janelle Whale is a superstar. Her entire approach, expertise, demeanour in court, empathy and genuine interest belies her years as a legal practitioner. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Life changing.

Good work, kept me up to date and was very professional.

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