Stepping Stones to Success

The Stepping Stones program is a 27 hour therapeutic course for families with relatives who are drug users run by the Family Drug Support group. The course is aimed specifically at helping family members (as opposed to the drug user).

It is designed to help people move from a point of emotional turmoil through to a stage where they develop the resilience to be able to cope with their loved ones drug use and get on with their own lives. It is based on the family focused ‘stress- strain-coping-support’ model. The philosophy behind the model is to address the degree of strain a family experiences with the accessible techniques of coping and support.

Stepping Stones uses a ‘5 stage approach’ to help family members. Each stage has a number of smaller steps. These 5 stages are:

  1. Acknowledging feelings – participants are given a chance to identify and share what they are feeling and to realise that these feelings are normal.
  2. Dealing with and sharing feelings – teaches participants ways of dealing with difficult feelings and how to share these with others.
  3. Education and support – participants are given information about drugs and addiction, participate in self esteem exercises and are helped to identify ways of getting support.
  4. Getting skills – assistance to develop ways of communicating effectively and deal with feelings, and also of staying engaged with the drug user in healthy ways.
  5. Moving forward – ways to cope with the ongoing situation, including maintaining boundaries, providing effective support and living their own lives.

The program uses a mix of information sessions, participant sharing, experiential learning and group work. The program is run across 13 locations across eastern Australia either over two weekends or 3 hours a week for 9 weeks.

For more information please contact the FDS on 4782 9222 or call us if we could be of further assistance.


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