Possess items to make false documents

Section 256(2)

This is a new offence that came into force on 22 February 2010 and was brought into existence to make it an offence to possess items that have been designed or adapted to make forged documents (false documents).

In short the offence is committed by a person has in their possession items designed or adapted for being used to make forged documents. An example of an item of equipment is a printing template set up to create false passports.

For a person to be guilty of this offence they must know that the item they possess has been designed or adapted for the making of the false document.

Maximum penalty

The maximum penalty for the offence of Possess items to make false documents is 3 years.

What the police must prove

  • The accused without reasonable excuse;
  • Made or had in their possession;
  • Any equipment material or other thing designed or adapted for the making of a false document;
  • Knowing that it had been designed or adapted.


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