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Serenay Kalkan

Serenay Kalkan

Serenay is currently in her final year of completing a Bachelor of Law and Commerce at Monash University and has a passion for litigation and dispute resolution. Serenay joined the Armstrong Legal team in March 2014 and has gained extensive experience in Wills & Estates Law across several jurisdictions such as Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia, in addition to being involved in complex will dispute matters.

Armed with a strong customer service background, Serenay is motivated by exceeding client’s expectations with excellent personalised service and ensuring that their experience with Armstrong Legal is a positive one, despite the stressful process of litigation. Her primary focus is to guarantee that no client is left confused about the process and that they are well-informed from start to finish.

Outside of the office, Serenay has participated in a number of plays and has a passion for theatre. She also enjoys reading, spending time with friends and family and travelling.


We would like to thank you for the personal attention from Serenay and the efforts of Armstrong Legal since the beginning of this matter in March 2016. It has been a great comfort during a time of emotion and stress to have been associated with a team of professionals.

Thankyou so very much for all your hard work and your compassion, it's meant a great deal to me. I'd like to also thank your team for their help in my case. I shall recommend your company in the future.

I would like to let you know that I have had a wonderful and positive experience with your firm thanks to Paul Traianedes, Serenay Kalkan and Alexander Sullivan during my matter which began in May 2016 and is now coming to a close with a great outcome.

I would like to especially thank Serenay - she is a valuable asset to your firm.

She has a perfect mix of professionalism and empathy plus an exceptional personal dedication to your clients to bring about the best outcome for them, she really cares about your clients - it was obvious from the start and made me feel very secure! She's positive, knows her "stuff", shoots straight from the hip, which is what I needed at times, and never failed to listen to me through all of the gamut of my emotions during this matter.

Serenay Kalkan has helped me through one of the toughest periods of my life. She was my constant guidance throughout a long difficult battle with my late mother's estate. Serenay would advise of the legality of what was happening but also have the empathy that was required to get me through the week ahead. She would explain everything and keep me updated. I'd receive emails or calls late in the day and with the time difference in Perth, it would be very late for Serenay. Serenay has made it so much easier for me to process and finalise my mother's estate, she is a huge asset for 'Armstrong Legal'.

Serenay possesses amazing skills and knowledge in dealing with legal matters which she had emonstrated in a wide range of professional legal practices from managing and assisting lawyers with important documents for trial matters and litigation documents.

I speak from experience that I have been a client of a well-known legal firm which are expert in dealing with expertise on Wills and Probate matters.

Serenay is a caring person who makes every endeavour to ensure that her clients are treated with the utmost care and given the best professional advice and support.

The solicitor and paralegal that handled my case were excellent in answering my concerns and providing the necessary guidance. They explained the legal process in a manner that I could clearly understand and were promptly available to answer my questions. They made me confident that I had selected the right solicitors to handle my legal application and I had no concerns that they would carry out their work to achieve the most favourable outcome for me.

Should I require legal counsel in the future I would not hesitate to appoint Armstrong Legal.

I am writing to you to give you feedback on one of your incredible staff members, Serenay Kalkan.

My father passed away intestate in April 2014 and my brother and I were recommended to Armstrong Legal, as you were the best Wills and Estate lawyers in Australia.

Serenay has been the best support to my brother and myself. She has and continues to bend over backwards for me. Serenay constantly keeps me ‘focused on the prize’, even when I can go off on my 'spoilt youngest child moments'. Serenay is always extremely polite and responds to my million and one questions extremely prompt. She has also had to deal with the opposition’s lawyer, who is known to be extremely difficult to deal with.

Please take this letter as appreciation that Serenay has made to date.

Extremely pleased at the overall process and support provided.

From the initial consultations with Serenay, to the meeting with Paul, I was constantly assured that my matter would be resolved quickly and effortlessly, and that I need not be stressing unnecessarily.

Their explanation, in plain English, of the law, the process, and tactics to be employed, allayed my fears and concerns.

As well as being approachable, both Serenay and Paul took the time to hear my concerns, which probably had no relevance in the eyes of the law, but to me, left me feeling secure and confident.

For their professionalism, I thank them dearly.

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