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Return of School Zones

While some parents won’t be sending their children back to school until later in the week, school zones across New South Wales are in force as of 29 January 2018.

It’s not just speed camera’s parents and other users should be looking out for. Figures released by Revenue NSW show that over 143,000 infringements were issued in relation to offences occurring in school zones. While the vast majority were speeding infringements detected by fixed speed cameras, a large number of infringements related to parking offences (many of which carry demerit points in school zones), passing a school bus at more than 40km/h, failing to give way to pedestrians, red light camera’s and mobile phone offences.

The table at the bottom of the articles outlines fines and demerit points for some of the more common school zone offences.

Infringements don’t only carry hefty fines but also demerit points. Demerit points for offences committed in school zones can add up quickly and result in loss of licence. Loss of licence can be devastating to the family unit, particularly those who frequent school zones daily to drop off or pick up children before or after driving to work. There are options available for those who are facing licence suspensions including Licence Suspension Appeals, Good Behaviour Licences and Court Elections. As always, Armstrong Legal are available to provide advice in relation to what options are available and what strategies can be employed.

As always, the best way to prevent loss of licence is to be mindful of and abide by speed limits and other road rules. Following the road rules are particularly important in school zones as speed limits have been lowered and road rules are policed to help protect children and other road users.

*Fines and demerit points below accurate at time of publication ( 1st February 2018 )

Offence Fine/Penalty Demerit Points
EXCEED SPEED LIMIT: Exceed speed 10 km/h and under (other than a learner or provisional licence) (school zone) CLASS A MOTOR VEHICLE $192 2
EXCEED SPEED LIMIT: Exceed speed over 10 km/h – (other than a learner or provisional licence) (school zone) CLASS A MOTOR VEHICLE $346 4
EXCEED SPEED LIMIT: Exceed speed over 20 km/h (school zone) CLASS A MOTOR VEHICLE $576 5
EXCEED SPEED LIMIT: Exceed speed over 30 km/h (school zone) CLASS A MOTOR VEHICLE $1115 (Three month suspension also issued by RMS) 6
EXCEED SPEED LIMIT: Exceed speed over 45 km/h (school zone) CLASS A MOTOR VEHICLE $2530 (Six month suspension issued by police (immediately) or subsequently by RMS) 7
MOBILE PHONES: Drive using mobile phone when not permitted – not L, P1 or P2 (school zone) $439 4
TRAFFIC CONTROL LIGHTS: Not stop at stop line at yellow light (school zone) $549 4
STOP, GIVE WAY SIGNS/LINES: Not give way to pedestrian – intersection with no lights (school zone) $439 4
PEDESTRIAN CROSSINGS: Not stop at children’s crossing-pedestrian on crossing (school zone) $549 4
PASS SCHOOL BUS AT MORE THAN 40KM/H: Pass school bus at more than 40 km/h – over 10 km/h (other than a learner or provisional licence) CLASS A MOTOR VEHICLE $269 3
PARKING: Disobey no parking sign (school zone) $183 2
PARKING: Stop in bus zone (school zone) $183 2
FLASHING YELLOW LIGHTS: Not give way to pedestrian – flashing yellow light (school zone) $439 4
DRIVING ON PATHS, STRIPS OR ISLANDS: Drive on path (school zone) $439 4

Image Credit – Titirag Damjunch ©

Written by Trudie Cameron on February 1, 2018

Trudie combines her impressive skills in advocacy and legal analysis with a focus on her client's interests and wellbeing. Her experience working for senior barristers prior to starting at Armstrong Legal gives her a unique insight into criminal advocacy and practice. View Trudie's profile

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