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Are we Overscheduling Our Kids?

A recent article published on speaks in relation to children being over scheduled each week. The writer of the article claims her two children are enrolled in karate, dance, gymnastics, swimming, cricket, saxophone and keyboard. The article puts forward the suggestion, that the determining factor as to whether your a good parent in today’s society seems to be measured as to how many activities you can afford and the children manage every week.

Children’s attendance at extra curricular activities are often a consideration when drafting parenting orders. It can particularly be a point of contention if the child’s enrolment in any particular activity impacts the other parent’s time with the children, particularly if the parent’s time with the children is already limited. Whilst it is satisfying to watch your children partake in sport and other activities, to have what could be your one afternoon during the week taken up with ferrying the children to training and / or a music lesson, the ability to spend quality time with the children is likely to be limited.

With many children’s living arrangements being shared between their two parents homes, to attend extra curricular activities combined with undertaking homework, the risk of children being over scheduled and fatigued is real.

If you have concerns that your children’s routine is over whelming or your ex partner has enrolled your children in activities that dictates how you spend your time with the children, contact our office. One of our family lawyers can discuss your current parenting arrangements with you, and can provide you with advice as to whether such arrangements are likely to be considered as in the children’s best interests. We can also provide you with advice about communicating with your ex spouse about any concerns you have about the children being over scheduled.

Image Credit – Jacek Chabraszewski ©

Written by Kate Marr on June 24, 2017

She has a passion for helping people with their family law problems. She has special expertise in complex financial matters where her commerce background provides her with an an advantage in dealing with cases involving hidden assets, non-disclosure, overseas assets and family businesses. View Kate's profile

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