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How To Choose The Right Family Lawyer

Selecting a family lawyer may sound like a simple process. However, making the best decision may involve more than simply just typing ‘family lawyers’ or ‘property settlement’ into a search engine and selecting the first lawyer that pops up. It is a more in depth process to select a lawyer whom you trust, feel comfortable with, has the appropriate technical knowledge and who you feel will support you.

Unfortunately, it is not unusual for Armstrong Legal to see clients who have already instructed a lawyer who they are not happy with and may have often already spent a considerable amount of time and money with.

Here are some tips to help you make the right decision:

  • Choose a firm that specialises in family law matters. Different areas of law have different complexities and it is vital that your lawyer specialises, or at least practises predominantly, in family law.
  • Speak to the firm you are considering instructing. It sounds simple, however it is important to speak to the firm or particular solicitor you intend to instruct prior to an appointment with them. This will give you a good indication if the firm is the right ‘fit’ for you. At Armstrong Legal, Michelle McDermott is our dedicated new client enquiry co-ordinator (AND an accredited family law specialist) who can discuss your matter with you in the first instance and arrange an appointment with either your chosen lawyer or allocate a lawyer to you.
  • Ask for a referral. Ask your friends and family members if they have used a family lawyer recently. If you have used a lawyer before, however they do not practice in family law, ask them for a referral. Most often, they will know someone suitable for you
  • Look for red flags. Does your lawyer only tell you what you want to hear, is overly litigious or wants to ‘win’? It may be that the lawyer is not acting in your best interests. Do you feel that you are being listened to? Do you understand the advice that is being provided to you? If the answer is no, then it may be time to change.

Image Credit – Iakov Filimonov ©

Written by Rhiannon Noble on November 28, 2016

Rhiannon’s experience has enabled her to develop a particular interest in parenting matters, including those that involve relocation, mental health and substance abuse issues. She is also a capable property lawyer and appreciates how mental health and substance abuse issues can have a very personal impact upon her clients, and how that may in turn effect the division of assets. View Rhiannon's profile

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