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2018 NSW Firearms Amnesty – Important Things To Know

The New South Wales Government has announced that a further Firearms Amnesty will take place between 1 July 2018 and 30 September 2018. Before and during the Amnesty, it is important to know what the Amnesty will or won’t protect you from.

The rules relating to last year’s 2017 Firearms Amnesty are contained in the Firearms Regulation 2017 Part 14. Before 1 July, these regulations will be updated to apply to the 2018 Amnesty. Here are 10 important pieces of information about the Firearms Amnesty in New South Wales:

  • The Amnesty does not protect you before it starts. This means that any breach of the firearms legislation that is detected before 1 July 2018 can still be prosecuted.
  • The Amnesty only extends to firearms you are attempting to hand in. If you are at or on your way to a police station or participating firearms dealer between 1 July 2018 and 30 September 2018, you are not in breach of the possession restrictions in the Firearms Act as they relate to firearms, firearm parts or ammunition. If police attend your house during the amnesty period and find an unregistered firearm, you can still be prosecuted.
  • If you have a firearms prohibition order, the Amnesty does not protect you.
  • The Amnesty does not apply to supply of a firearm, unless you are giving that firearm to a firearms dealer participating in the Amnesty.
  • During the Amnesty, you may take an unregistered firearm to a firearms dealer and apply for it to be registered in your name. You must also hold, or apply for, the relevant firearms licences and permits to acquire.
  • The option to apply for registration of a firearm during the Amnesty will not normally apply to firearms which have been reported stolen. This is the case whether or not you knew the firearms were stolen.
  • The Amnesty is a very good opportunity to surrender firearm parts and ammunition that you may have discovered on your property. If police attend your property for an unrelated purpose and find parts or ammunition, you may be prosecuted.
  • Do not assume that there will be an Amnesty next year. Before 2017, the last amnesty was in 2009.
  • The Amnesty does not apply to the safekeeping requirements for firearms.
  • If you are in possession of an illegally modified weapon, you may still be able to register it during the amnesty, depending on the modification. Seek legal advice first.

This information is hopefully useful to many firearm owners, and should be helpful in complying with all Firearms Act requirements, especially after 30 September 2018.

Image Credit – Pop Nukoonrat ©

Written by David Porter on June 28, 2018

David Porter is Armstrong Legal's Police Accountability lawyer in NSW. This is a specific area of law which combines skills from the areas of criminal law, civil litigation, administrative law and employment law. David's diverse experience has equipped him with the skills necessary to perform in this area.

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