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Andrew Tiedt

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Andrew Tiedt

Criminal Lawyer

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Andrew brings to Armstrong Legal a unique ability to effectively represent his clients and ensure they obtain the best possible result.

Having been awarded a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) as well as a Bachelor of Laws, he began his career working at the Tax Office conducting tax technical litigation. Shortly after being admitted to practice he started with Armstrong Legal and since then worked exclusively in Criminal Law.

He has handled cases across the entire spectrum, including prosecutions for murder, fraud, violence and drug offences. He also has experience in handling ASIC investigations and prosecutions as well as Roads and Maritime matters.

His heavy involvement in the Young Lawyers Criminal Law Committee means he is constantly able to draw the experience of his fellow practitioners and ensure he is at the cutting edge of legal practice. He writes a monthly column for the Law Society Journal updating other lawyers on the latest case law developments, and over the years has developed an excellent rapport with Magistrates and Judges alike.

Andrew has broad and deep experience in Criminal Law – the kind of experience that you can only through doing nothing else, every day of the week, for years on end. Whether your matter is in the Local, District or Supreme Court, Andrew has the experience and the skills to provide you with the very highest standard of representation.

Relevant experience

  • A previous fraud trial
  • Work at the Tax Office on large commercial matters

Relevant qualifications

  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Bachelor of Communications (Accounting)


  • Attention to detail
  • Understanding of financial transactions and related matters
  • Accounting skills

Areas of

  • Financial offences
  • Fraud

Client testimonials

  • "My matter was dealt with in a very professional manner from beginning to end"
  • "I had full confidence in him."

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Wickenby warns: disclose tax avoidance 


Thank you for your efforts in dealing with my case. I'm absolutely stoked with the outcome. I'm very pleased with the way I was represented and the efforts that yourself and the Armstrong Legal team applied to my case.

I am fully satisfied and happy with your service. Your confidence in front of the Magistrate and the prosecutor is a strong suppourt to me and your strategy and smartness are the most important things which lead the case to the good result. There is a lot more than I can explain, but, again thank you very much, and wish you all the best.

I thank Andrew for his professionalism, compassion and expertise. Athough the desired result was not achieved at court, I was truly satisfied by my experience of being represented. I would highly recommend Andrew and the firm.

Andrew was very friendly, approachable and very sincere. In court what he said about me I thought shed the best light.

I am so very glad that I contacted Armstrong Legal concerning my legal matter. I was promptly assigned Andrew Tiedt to my case and from the first conversation over the phone until the final handshake after my court appearance, I found his service to be absolutely fantastic. Andrew excelled on both a professional and personal level.

I maintained a 100% confidence in every area of his work from start to finish, which made it not only easier to divulge very personal information but took a lot of the worry out of a very stressful situation. Andrew not only respected all privacies but showed true concern and care for the matters mentioned. His immense knowledge in the areas of law and the workings of the court put my mind at ease through the whole experience. My court appearance was fantastic. Andrew led me through the whole day and gave me all the time in the world I needed. The outcome was simply amazing. There could not have been a better outcome in my case and also my fine was reduced significantly. I would not hesitate in recommending Armstrong Legal or especially Andrew Tied to anyone with a legal matter. 'Outstanding' is the word to describe my dealings with them and Andrew.

Andrew's professionalism and respect allowed me to maintain some semblance of dignity through this very trying time. I cannot thank him enough.

Excellent service, the whole way through from beginning to end. I thought that people were meant to hate lawyers but I've got nothing but love.

Andrew Tiedt is a very professional quick-witted solicitor and is very clearly spoken when presenting a case.

Andrew Tiedt handled the case very professionally from start till end. I had full confidence in him. I would be willing to refer any friends to the firm in the future.

Since I have no previous experience in legal matters I cannot compare your service to anything. But I was very satisfied with your service.

Andrew was exceptional in taking time to see and advise me on my case. I am very grateful.

On behalf of my mother, sister and myself I would like to thank Andrew for his advice and understanding during this matter. My family will definitely refer Andrew to anyone wanting a good solicitor. Again thank you Andrew.

I am not one to write letters, but I wanted to commend Andrew Tiedt for doing such a great job with my case. He was very attentive to my situation and offered a variety of legal avenues while giving advice and his interpretation of my predicament. He always returned my calls promptly, and was professional on all levels. When presenting to the magistrate he was very clear and concise and was able to communicate to the magistrate that I was of sound character. Because of his excellent communication with me prior to the proceeding, his strategy of how to approach my case, and his excellent communication with the magistrate, I received what I believe to be the best outcome I could have possibly asked for and not to mention a diminished fine.

Andrew Tiedt handled the case very professionally from start til end. I had full confidence in him. I would be willing to refer any friends to the firm in the future.

Contact Armstrong Legal:
Sydney: (02) 9261 4555